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  • Enter Data: New training hours are added with the help of a form to the training plan.

  • Edit Form: Training hours are edited with the help of the same form. You select from sports kinds, facility or weekday.
  • Edit Table: Training hours are edited as a table. You select from division, facility or weekday.
  • T a b l e: All data for the training plan of the summer and winter half-year are indicated like in a tables calculation and can be edited.

  • Trainers: Trainer data are edited.
  • Janitors: Janitor data are edited.

  • Equipment: New equipment are added with the help of a form, edited as a table and printed.

  • Events: New event hours are added with the help of a form to the event plan, edited as a table and printed.

  • Export: You can save training and event data for the purpose of handing over near another computer in an external file. It carries the name 'ubdat.csv' or 'tedat.csv'.
  • Import: You can load training and event data from this external file in another computer. The data are attached to the table, for double occurence it is checked!

  • Cash-Service: For the cash-service without document with the bank are put together the transfer amounts for every practise conductor or janitor.
    • Trainer/Janitor Orders: There appears a table of the trainers and janitors with all transfer data. You have to go correct bank code and account. The transfer amounts for TR or JA are entered in Credit column, but only with those in which you want to transfer. With the other you must delete credit!
    • TR/JA Job Creation: For the instance data traffic with the bank the transfer amounts are put together for everybody TR or JA from Menu item 1 and are saved.
    • Browse Job: Transfers are edited as a table. This makes sense when a bigger number of data is to be changed or one simply wants to have a look at the data.
    • XML Export: The SEPA transfer data are provided as file 'cashdat.xml'. To transfer into the Cash programme of the bank the data are exported in its folder.


  • Training Hours individually: Training hours of a single division or for a certain weekday.
  • Training Plan: Training plan for all divisions. Web plan for the club magazine. Icons of the sports must be given as sports-id.jpg in the folder /icons.

  • Facility Hours individually: Training hours in a certain gymnasium or for a certain weekday.
  • Facility Plan: Facility plan for all gymnasiums.

  • Schedule: Schedule for all divisions and clients.


  • Trainer Hours: Training hours of a single trainer or training hourly report for all trainers.
  • Training Costs: Training week hours, broken down by cost centres and divisions.
  • Facility Costs: Facility week hours, broken down by gymnasiums and weekdays.

  • Cost Calculation: Expenses for the sports use/cost centre, covered to the number of the members.
  • Sports Control: Receipts/expenses for the sports use – plan/is comparison.


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