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The modern database for the sports club.

The VVwin Club Management is different from the club software you know. It was developed by me since 1987 originally for the Turn- und Sportverein 1874 Rueppurr e.V. in Karlsruhe and is now available in version 17 for Windows. I own the club manager license of the German Sports Association and have many years of experience in club work. I know the problems that larger and smaller sports clubs face when dealing with the PC on a daily basis.
An off-the-shelf database program just can't please everyone! Especially the big multi-branch clubs have difficulties in managing their data sets with one of the usual programs. I want to reach this target group with VVwin Club Management. I work voluntarily without a commercial background.
With 1400 members, 10 departments and 15 cost centres, the TUS Rueppurr is one of the largest gymnastics and sports clubs in Karlsruhe. The VVwin Club Management is constantly adapted to the growing requirements and wishes of the clubs and personally supported by me – so that it deserves its name: The modern database for the sports club!
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