Club Management

License agreement

The modern database for the sports club.

The program is a version of the VVwin Club Management
for nonprofit associations (of benefit to the public).
The name of the registered club may not be changed.
All rights in this product lie exclusively with the author.

If you register yourselves on-line, receive the license file with your serial number and your club name with email sent!

You cannot buy the VVwin Club Administration. The program is passed on to non-profit sports clubs in the form of annual licenses. The fee consists of the license fee for the R:Base development environment and the costs for development and support.

You pay in the first year:

   Membership                      -100     101-500        >500
   License VVwin                     45         125         175    EUR
   Add-on VVapp                      30          65          90    EUR

You pay from the 2nd year after purchase:

   Software Assurance Plan yearly    20          25          35    EUR

This unique royalty is valid for every other Client (Club), in addition:

   Membership                      -100     101-500        >500
                                     20          65          90    EUR

The program is multi-client capable for up to 5 clubs. The client master is specified in the license file.
If this should be extended, a new license file is to be requested over the registration!
Clients can be e.g. a larger department of the association with own bookkeeping, the promotion association or several associations with common office.

The program is network-compatible. You can manage the data from different computers as long as they are in the network. You can also outsource the database to a server and install only the application on the clients. Up to 10 users can log in.

The development of the VVwin Club Management has no commercial purposes as one's goal.
The program is distributed to non-profit sports clubs in the form of annual licenses.
Every non-profit club can use this software.


© Dr. Hartmut Braun, Karlsruhe