Club Management

T h e  S o f t w a r e

1987–2017: 30 years VVwin Club Management
Member Administration: We can the new Members Inquest!
Fee Management: We can SEPA Direct Debit!
Financial Accounting: We can Balances!
Sports Use: We can Control and Cost Accounting!

The modern database for the sports club –
with professional database for large multi-discipline clubs.

Version 15: The best is yet to come!

VVwin VVapp.exe

VVwin Club Management is different than the club software which you know. It was developed by me and now is given in Version 15 for Windows. I own the club manager licence of the German Sports Association and have many years of experience in the club work. I know the problems which are to be mastered in bigger and smaller sports clubs with the everyday contact with the PC.
A database program of the pole cannot make it simply to any right! Particularly to big multi divisions clubs difficulties have while administering her data volumes with one of the usual programs. I want to reach this target group with VVwin Club Management.
VVwin Club Management is customised constantly to the growing demands and wishes of the clubs and is examined by me personally – with it is earns the name:
The modern database for the sports club!


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