Club Management

Characteristics of VVwin

The modern database for the sports club.


VVwin Club Management is a modern database program for sports clubs. His strength consists in the fact that it is strictly relational. This means that data are never again to be entered as once and that these stand only at a place in the database, even if they are used in several modules.


VVwin Club Management puts the new standard for user-friendliness and computer power with relational Database Management Systemen on PCs. You as a user would like to devote themselves to your work without looking after how you can make the DBMS deliver the required results. No other association-standard software comes close to this demand thus like VVwin.


VVwin Club Management the modern database management system R:BASE® of R:BASE Technologies, Inc, forms the basis. VVwin becomes a management thereby one of the quickest databases available currently for the Club Management. For data bases beyond 2 GB of border there is a 64-bit version.


VVwin Club Management profits from in the DBMS R:BASE as one of the first PC databases integrated principle SQL constraints. The primary keys and foreign keys dispose of all possibilities of the index system and save the integrity of the data already at the structure level. In the teamwork from index, rule and primarily / foreign key puts to VVwin a new standard for the data integrity and safety of PC databases in the Club Management.


You cannot buy to VVwin Club Management – I do not work commercially. The program is passed on to non-profit sports clubs in the form of annual licenses. The fee includes the license fee for the R: Base development environment, as well as development and support costs. The Club budget is not loaded by a high acquisition, and the support and updates are included for one year. This offers you only VV!

R:BASE® eXtreme 9.5

R:BASE eXtreme 9.5 is a completely new relational database development environment that has been amplified to provide the latest menu-driven features to database professionals. With the R:BASE engine established as the foundation of stability, the program interface and designers have been enhanced to fully exhibit the highest quality of development usability.

The "eXtreme" in the product's name signifies the cutting-edge development interface incorporated into the R:BASE program making database and application development more productive.

R:BASE offers many key advantages over other databases - advantages that are better suited to overall business or departmental needs. R:BASE is designed much like the powerhouse database management systems of the mainframe and mid-range computer world, while empowering the individual business user.


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